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The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles


On 12/12/12, I awoke at 5:20AM and decided to perform an IR video while staying in "The Roost" at the Woodland Plantation. I set up the camera to point at the corner of the ceiling where I thought that orbs would be traveling. In the video, you see the top of my head and hear a disembodied voice say,"I call them up from hell myself, come see that!"  

The slaves that Jean Lafitte raided from the slave ships in the Gulf of Mexico and brought to Woodland for eventual sale in New Orleans came from West Africa and Haiti. These slaves brought their religion and Voodoo with them to the plantation. Was this a Voodoo Vodoun (priestess), telling me to come and see what she can conjure up from her ritual fire? Was it a residual voice from the past alerting another slave what she as a Voodoo practioner can do? It is a very creepy capture and I was amazed when I discovered it after downloading the video to my computer from my camera!