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The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Paranormal Researchers/Skeptics. If you have a friend that is a skeptic about the paranormal, then this video is a must see! On 6/10/13, my niece, Suzan, requested I go to her house that she was moving into on 5226 Perrier St. in New Orleans to perform an investigation and to help perform a house cleansing. Her roommate said that everytime a new person moves in, there is paranormal activity in the house or the bedroom. 

Books fly off shelves and kitchenware falls on the floor. She said they found a journal in the shed that had a suicide note in it. I performed an EVP session in the house with my digital recorder and heard a spirit say his name was Jeremy. I told the others present what I had heard over my earbuds but hadn't processed the file yet.

We then took the detuned P-SB7 Spirit Box into the shed and proceeded to ask "Jeremy" about his suicide. Shane Mears, Suzan's husband,  and my speech is in yellow type and the spirits' voices are in white. Note that after the spirit says "Jeremy" and scares Shane out the shed where he runs upstairs to tell  Suzan that the spirit box said "Jeremy", when he returns the spirit asks "How's Suzan!!!"