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The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Show first broadcast on 5/10/2014. Today's guest is Martha Hazzard Decker, author of "Paranormal Profiling" and founder of East Texas Paranormal. Join me as we discuss the do's and don'ts of conducting a successful interview and investigation.

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Las Vegas and Vicinity 5/24/2014

The broadcast of the first episode of The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles on Liveparnormal.com on 4/5/14. Stanley introduced himself, played several EVPs from his trip to Grand Cayman in 11/13 and a few EVPs from The Woodland Plantation in Point a la Hache, Louisiana.

Join me, your host, Stanley Jolet as I discuss EVP surrounding the mob in two Las Vegas locations, the La Palazza Mansion and The Four Queens Hotel and Casino. At The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort, you will hear the voice of the founding Mother of Las Vegas, Helen Stewart, plead with her husband, Archibald, not to go to a gunfight at The Kiel Ranch where he was killed.

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles 

presents Martha Hazzard Decker 5/10/2014

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

TFrere's Bed and Breakfast and 

Rita's Tequila House 5/17/2014

Join Rick and Stan as they peruse EVP and Rick's Book and Gifts. Rick Waid is a seer, remote viewer, and past-life reader. He was born with gifts that he did not realize he had until his late-30s. While Rick's mother was also a reader, he did not become aware of his talents until he began researching the paranormal field. Rick Waid began to connect with the other side through electronic voice phenomena, and he started having visions and hearing his spirit guide," Rick explained. "As his gift progressed, He learned how to remote view and was able to psychically see places he had never been to before." As Rick's gifts progressed, he began to see past lives of individuals. He can also now connect with "the other side" and frequently receives messages from loved ones beyond the veil. "He wrote My Paranormal Journey: One Man's Obsession to share with others a compelling passion that ultimately revealed to me gifts he never knew he had," Rick said. "I hope it will help others realize there are reasons for exploring into new territories and breaking through current boundaries."

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

presents the Reverend Neal Farley 5/3/2014

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Messages from God

Madewood and Woodland Plantations 4/26/2014

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Presents Steve Hultay 4/19/2014

Rick Waid on The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles 4/12/2014

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles                 World Premier 4/4/2014

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles 


Patrick Drive and the Helms Garage


 In this episode,you will hear the EVPs where my journey began as I read the chapter reflecting on my experiences in my haunted house. You will here the parents of Barbara and I as they tell us they love us from the other side. When I visit the nursing home where my mother passed, you will hear my mother, Hilda, tell her former roommate that she loves her. At my home, I capture my mother lamenting the loss of her own grandmother when she died. I will play an amazing P-SB7 spirit box session captured on the lakes of LSU where spirit says my son's first and middle name and tells me to help him, twice. I will explain why an EVP captured during a thunderstorm at my house using radio sweep is not pareidolia when spirit says Philip's first and last name. You will hear the spirits of the Helms, the former owners of my property, give a birthday greeting to their daughter, Kathy . This is my "personal" chapter in my book that you don't want to miss!ype your paragraph here.

Join me as I interview Steve Hultay, one of the pioneers of ghost boxes and radio sweep technology! It was an honor having him on my show!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a new edition of The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles with your host Stanley Jolet. Join me as I will discuss EVP from  God, EVP about God and angels,  and a recent miracle. We will also introduce the Madewood Plantation and revisit the Woodland Plantation if time permits.

Join me as I visit Jefferson Island and the Jefferson Mansion where spirits tell me where the buried treasure of Jean Lafitte is located and to beware of entering the mansion. They also say the former owner's name during two separate sessions and have some unkind remarks about him in both. I will venture to my parent's home on Adoue Street in Houma, Louisiana where I grew up and I will play some amazing EVP captured in the house during "ambient" sessions with no radio sweep. Finally, I will end the show with my visits to my family tomb where I captured my mother's voice and a profound message from God. I will also play an EVP of disembodied howls from the tomb as I talk to my mother which is the creepiest EVP anyone would want to hear emanating from their family tomb! Tune in as I read these interesting chapters from my book.Type your paragraph here.

Join me as I read from my book, Paranormal Investigations: The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles. I will read the chapter, TFrere's Bed and Breakfast (Murder or Suicide), where the spirit of Amelie Comeaux roams the grounds yearning for the spirits of her husband and stillborn child. I will delve into the story of Rita's Tequila House at 419 Bourbon St. in the heart of New Orleans where a man hung himself and a shadow figure was spotted. I will also play a couple of musical tracks from Simon Healy, an up and coming musical sensation in Great Britain.

Welcome to the Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles. Today, my guest is Reverend Neal Farley, founder of The Spirit Rescuer of Lost Souls. He is also a certified demonologist with the International Catholic Association of Exorcists. We will discuss his mission of rescuing souls. He will elaborate on his paranormal life as a medium and the abuse he suffered at the hands of spirits until he found his calling. We will also discuss and play some of the evidence he collected over the years. Join me as I interview this fascinating member of the clergy and discover how he eventually sought ans achieved redemption through his spiritual work.

The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Jefferson Island, Adoue Street, Jolet Tomb